Domains are what we use to connect to our favorite websites that feature products, content, or information about just about anything. There are numerous types of domains for various purposes and intentions. The most common domains in the United States of America are domains that end in .com. These domains are widely used for a number of different products, companies, and even government services.

gtld-letterpress-sHowever, there are more descriptive domains for the latter. Many know of the .gov domains but there are many more including .org for organizations. In the birth of the internet, .com was the primary domain that was used for everything and in essence the internet has yet to be sorted into the correct domains. The only thing that will drive this change is if businesses begin to see the benefit of having specific domain names for specific purposes. For example, a large corporation will purchase numerous domains and they will all direct the user to the same website. The problem with this is that there are only so many words in the dictionary and in essence only a certain amount of domain names that make sense for specific products and companies. This is more of a marketing issue than a domain issue.

If a start up vacuum company was beginning to explore their options for web presence they are going to run into some issue in this day and age. There are already large corporations that have purchased most vacuum related domain names. This leaves few options for a small company with minimal purchasing power. What results is a market all its own. Web presence or marketing is what comes inFree website builder to fill the void between the two. There must be continuity between the product or company name and their website as well as social media. Look at some of the fastest growing web based companies of the last decade and almost none of them have names that have been used before or replicated after. None of them use the product or service they provide in their domain names.

This is because companies need to be unique throughout their web presence and much of this is driven by cost and effectiveness. A unique name provides a unique domain name and as a result unique social media usernames. Marketing companies and marketing departments within start up companies know this and use these obscure domain names to their advantage. They can create this web presence for a lot cheaper because they are not purchasing the prime domain names from larger corporations or individuals who are hanging onto them and by using this amazing website builder that is free for everyone to use. This website builder is changing the way you start your business. This is the conclusion that many larger corporations and successful small businesses have reached and utilize every day. Domain names are increasingly important in the world of business and must be paid attention to.